Countertop Instant Hot Water Dispenser

No installation required, portable everywhere

4-volume water outlet design: 120ml, 240ml, 500ml, manual

4-level temperature control design: regular, 45°C, 85°C, 95°C

Quick spin technology, simple to replace filters

5-stage deep purification, improves water quality

Inner tank UV-LED sterilization function, get fresh, pure water

Child lock protection, anti-dry protection, water shortage reminder

Holiday mode, surplus water emptying reminder

WIFI function (optional)

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One device to get all done

The “nice-to-have” bonus of this drinking water system is that it combines heating and filtration for your tap water, turn it into fresh and crispy water at your desired temperature. Forget about waiting around for a kettle to boil and cleaning the build-up that’s hard to reach at its bottom, an instant hot water dispenser with reverse osmosis filtration can act as the combination of kettle, water dispenser, insulated thermos, baby bottle warmer, tea heater, and most importantly, water purifier!

  • Fast Heating in 3 seconds
    Fast Heating in 3 seconds

    3 Seconds rapid thermal process technology, get hot water quickly

  • Custom temperature
    Custom temperature

    Features an adjustable digital touch-screen control, so you can select the perfect water temperature

  • Winter mode
    Winter mode

    Raise the room temperature water up to 30℃ in winter

Premium Filtration Performance

The hot filtered water dispenser combines multi-layer filter materials in one single filter cartridge to achieve better performance, reducing the frequency of replacement while enjoying pleasant-tasting water straight to your cup. PP and ACF remove sediment, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, colors, odors, and improve taste; RO membrane removes dissolved solids, heavy metals, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, and other harmful substances in raw water; activated carbon block further improves ACF's performance; and PP is used as a final stage to retain solid particles.

Premium Filtration Performance
Child-Lock Protection

Child-Lock Protection

Children easily get injured by hot water in and around home, but with a child-lock device, the risk of unsafety can be prevented or reduced more or less. This drinking water filter for home comes with a child lock that is pre-set to a temperature of 60 degrees to block your child’s access to hot water, and by long-pressing the child-lock bottom for a 5 seconds, the child-lock function is off for you to get water of any temperature.

Holiday mode renews the supply of fresh water

Features a smart feature that flashes the water quality light if you haven't run it for three days. This will remind you to drain water to avoid secondary pollution and make sure every drop of water it produces is fresh enough. Press the water dispense bottom and child-lock bottom for 3 seconds, then gently touch the latter one to empty the system of any remaining water.

Holiday mode renews the supply of fresh water


Model No. PWD3AW-75M
Dimension 200x375x395mm
Applied feed water Municipal tap water
Feed water temperature 5~38°C
Rated voltage 220V/50HZ
Filter media MRO(PAC+RO+CB+PP)
Hot water flow rate (95°C) 0.4 L/min
Rated power 2200W
Outer tank volume Fully separated: raw water tank: about 3.3L; waste water tank: 1.7L Semi-separated: raw water tank: about 3.8L; waste water tank: 1.2L
Inner tank volume 0.8L
Water production capacity 0.2L/min(75G)
Heating method Thick film heating
Inner tank UV-LED sterilization
TDS display

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